About me.




My name is Devon, I am a Auckland based Tattoo Artist
I have 7 years experience tattooing and work with the amazing team at Ink Rush tattoo.


For as long as I can remember I have always loved art in all forms and can’t remember a time where i didn’t draw. From a young age I was really interested in tattooing and at 17 I left school and started my apprenticeship turning my interest into love.
Not only because I was able to do a job that I was passionate about, that enabled me to be creative, draw every day and be paid for it but because the clients, seeing their reactions to the piece whether it is  big or small, symbiotic and meaningful or an art piece. This responsibility is what drives me to do the best I can for every client.

I pull a lot of my inspiration from the beautiful flora, fauna and culture we have here in New Zealand and try to incorporate into every piece that I do, even it is just the flow of a letter. I enjoy all styles of tattooing but love fine line black and grey especially animals and floral.


I am extremely proud and honoured to have Won awards for my work.


* Best of show female - Tattoo & Art Extravaganza 2020


* Best NZ theme -  Tattoo & Art Extravaganza 2020.


* Runner up Best NZ theme - Tattoo & Art Extravaganza 2019



Out of respect for my country and our planet I am always looking for ways to reduce waste in the tattoo studio. For this reason, I do not use or support products that go against my values apart from the absolute necessities like tattoo machine wrap and pre-packaged needle casings for hygiene reasons. I do my best to buy all of my supplies from local businesses, the inks I use are vegan friendly and I also love to use AfterArt cream when I tattoo, the healing properties are amazing.

I can’t wait to hear your ideas and start or continue your tattoo journey.


For Ever grateful,


Devon x